CertaPet Reviews

CertaPet Reviews

One-in-four Americans suffer from a mental and/or emotional disability and of that, only a small fraction will ever seek help.

Worse yet, more than 34% of Americans who do seek counseling for mental health issues experience barriers that make it either difficult or impossible to get the care they need.

At CertaPet, we’re dedicated to connecting you to a licensed mental health professional in order for you to get the help you deserve without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Fast and confidential, our goal is to improve the quality of life for the millions of Americans who may have no other options for care.

Don’t believe us? Check out the reviews below from real CertaPet customers.

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Getting an Emotional Support Animal and starting your mental health journey doesn’t have to be hard. See if you may be a good candidate today by taking our free 5 minute pre-screening.

CertaPet is Rated 4.7 on Shopper Approved

4.7 | 8575 REVIEWS

Known for merchant and product reviews, Shopper Approved rates CertaPet at a high of 4.8 stars. Find out what our customers really think below.

Tedra review on Shopper Approved

Tedra W:

“The entire process was very efficient and less time-consuming. My therapist did a great job in assisting me with my case and explaining the details.

I decided on CertaPet because of the assessment questions that were asked. They didn’t just ask a few questions and leave you out to dry. The feedback and turn around were great. If they didn’t feel like you were a candidate then you knew upfront after speaking with a licensed therapist.”

Marilynn G:

“My experience was amazing. CertaPet’s customer service is top of the line. I got the same treatment as a face to face interaction. They kept constant communication and answered all my questions in a timely manner.”

Elizabeth review on Shopper Approved

Elizabeth F:

“I feel very supported through this website! I feel like my mental issues have been taken seriously, which has been a great feeling.

My personal doctor has a policy where they do not allow to write these letters. This website has been a blessing.”

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CertaPet is Rated 4.5 on Google

CertaPet Rating in Google

4.5 | 1189 REVIEWS

For real and honest reviews, read what Google users are saying about CertaPet.

Haley review on Google

Haley Napier:

“CertaPet is fantastic! Their response time is quicker than they even advertise. I received a detailed questionnaire to qualify me for an ESA. After I qualified, they sent my letters in less than 24 hours! Their customer service team responded to my inquiries in less than 24 hours as well. I am very happy with my experience with CertaPet. I highly recommend!”

Susan review on Google

Susan Friedman:

“I couldn’t be happier with the customer service of CertaPet. They were very considerate and thorough in their evaluation and timely on getting me the paperwork required. I can’t thank you enough!”

Robin review on Google

Robin Fisher:

“The process was extremely easy, fast and convenient. Once approved I had my letter in a couple of days in my mailbox and same day in my email. I’m soo glad I have my pet as an emotional support animal. Now I don’t have to worry about being separated from him ever!

Thank You CertaPet.”

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Getting to fly and/or live with your emotional support animal makes all the difference when it comes down to your mental health. At CertaPet, we understand your need and our goal is to help you get connected with our LMHPs in order to receive the right care you deserve.

Along with the review sites, CertaPet customers go to social media to rate our service.

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